construction of production units

Construction of warehouses

When you commission construction of a warehouse, production or industrial facility to an external company, be sure to determine if it is a trustworthy entity. Tel RED is a company with extensive experience in designing and implementing industrial buildings fulfilling various functions. Warehouses, industrial and production facilities, shopping centres, industrial parks and logistics centres are all examples of their most frequently executed investments.

Construction of warehouses and industrial units with Tel RED

Tel RED is an experienced developer for whom functionality and quality are supreme values. The facilities are based on their own original designs which makes them highly useful regardless of whether they function as steel sheds, workshops ot logistics centres. At the very beginning of cooperation, specialists from Tel RED carefully analyze the client’s needs and requirements that a given facility should meet. After considering the client’s needs and applicable standards and norms, the project is prepared. Tel implements projects based on a build-to-suit approach. It means that the investor’s needs are taken into account and the final result allows for optimization of conducted activities and processes.

Construction of production units

The flawless  production is crucial for any business involved in production related activities. Tel designs and builds production units with a view to maximizing the usability of space and optimizing the processes ataking place there. The construction of production units in line with specific requirements is a challenge but it is at the same time a guarantee that, in the end, the investor receives what they need. Modern technologies and proven technical solutions allow for the construction of highly functional facilities.

Build-to-suit system

Build-to-suit approach, ie the design and construction of facilities in line with specific individual guidelines. Tel RED is an experienced developer of warehouse spaces implemented in this system. This approach requires lots of knowledge on the part of the contractor. However, it has many advantages which clients appreciate. What do they gain? First of all, they can choose the most convenient location and the area they will actually need. The space can be developed to suit the real needs to the greatest extent possible. At each stage of cooperation, specialists from Tel RED provide advice and are willing to share their experience.