flat roof drying services

Drying flat roofs and terraces

You’ve got a problem with water dripping from the ceiling after a downpour? Detect a leak in the roof in time! It is possible to do it without dismantling or renovating the terrace or destroing the roof.

Damage to the roof

Holes easily form in a defective, damaged roof or tarrace insulation. These surfaces are additionally affected by rain, snow and constant temperature flactuations wchich speed up their erosion. Flooded insulation layer loses its thermal properties and will never completely dry out by itself. That is why it is crucial to dry roofs right after flooding.

Roof drying after flooding – why is it so important?

Roof leaks which go unnoticed can lead to serious damage, both to the roof itself and other parts of the building. The most serious and expensive scenario of long-term neglect is a complete roof replacement and renovation of the ceiling below. Sometimes the floors below the roof are even flooded. Often the cause of leaks is a poorley made or damaged roof hydroinsulation. Then, most often we experience mechanical damage and the effects of weather conditions.

Roof disassembly or insulation replacement is a costly and lengthy process. In the case of real estate used for business purposes, this may entail serious losses to the company. Such consequences can be avoided.

Regardless of the cause of flooding of the roof or terrace, it is not the greatest threat. Even worse is secondary damage it causes. The water between layers of roofing felt delaminates them. Wet thermal insulationloses its properties. The negative effects are numerous.

Call for specialists such as Dry-Home

If you have got a problem with moisture and leak, the best idea is to call a professional company which will carry out all the necessary activities. They will conduct drying activities as non-invasively and quickly as possible. As a result, the property and objects will return to the state prior to the incident without causing long-lasting interruptions in use.