Will newsletters no longer have a text-graphic form?

A newsletter is a specific form of information sent to the customer via e-mail. Up to now, all newsletters have been presented in the form of graphic files with detailed texts. The whole informed about upcoming promotions and new products introduced on a given website. This most often applies to online stores and websites promoting various services. Recently, we can often meet with the statement that the entire IT industry is looking for new ways of effective e-mail advertising and that traditional newsletters are about to become a thing of the past. Why is it happening?

A newsletter – recurring tactics

In practice, creating a newsletter is not a very difficult task. It is important to use the language correctly and make the message more attractive with some interesting graphic motif. Many newsletters are created on the basis of photos from the so-called „stocks”. Many cusotmers, after seeing yet another smiling face in the e-mail, may get discouraged from learning about the information at all. We have lived to see the times when many once modern marketing solutions begin to repeat themselves. You can see here a certain analogy to the positioning processes, when the phrases do not stand out with anything original from the copetition phrases. Can we say, then, that the life of newsletters in the e-mail and advertising space is close to an end today?

Newsletters and social media

If there were no social media, where information spreads the fastes, hardly anyone would bother with the reduced effectiveness of newsletters in reaching customers. The problem is that many of these e-mail messages end up in the SPAM folder or are deleted straight away. The subject of a newsletter is not able to intrigue the recipient asmuch as, for instance, a short video on  Facebook. The more developed methods of advertising on the Internet became, the lazier the average user got as far as absorption is concerned. That is why, in the copy industry so much attention is paid to the fact that every text promoting sth takes the form devoid of clumped blocks but with spaces, headings and bullets. If a client sees such content, where there is a so-called „breath” – he may be more willing to read it. The eye at the monitor does not like to tire for too long.

Can TikTok replace the newsletter?

Using the TikTok app has become extremely fashionable especially among younger generations. In this way, producers od all brands have an idea of another advertising model. Is it effective? It’s hard to say because TikTok presentations last only from a few to several seconds and are a shortcut of image information that works like joke. In any case, this is how it works best. This presnetns some kind of challenge to anyone who would like to expand their brand awareness with this minimalistic app. You need to decide what advantage of the product to emphasize within these few seconds, what slogan to use so that itbecomes quickly remembered and who isto become a promoter in a moving, temporary picture. TikTok can certainly be considered a form of a picture newsletter but it is not a substitute for iportant textual information.

The form of the newsletter depends on the industry

It is known that newsletters in the form of TikTok will not everywhere. There are branches which are doubtful to be well matched with this way of communication. Advertising of a law firm in the for of TikTok is unlikely to meet the expectations set fot it but all other phenomena e.g.related to entertainment can certainly expect further susscess thanks to this application! Today we all thin with images. Unfortunately, it happens to the detriment of literature and written information. Maybe in the years to come, all the most important values of online advertising will be combined in the right proportions? We count on it!