Universities in Warsaw

Interest in universities is growing in the autumn. Warsaw is one of the first choices for future students. Warsaw’s universities gain a reputation and are known for their prestige, high standards of education and recognition. When choosing a university in Warsaw, one should take into account its position in the rankings, but also the opinions of students and graduates.

Warsaw’s universities offer courses in all specialisations and regardless of the Matura exam result, everyone is able to find something for themselves – at public or private universities. There are various levels of study – bachelor’s, master’s, post-graduate, doctoral, as well as daytime, evening and weekend study programmes.

Before making the final decision to take part in the recruitment process, it is worth checking what district of Warsaw the university is located in and what is the mode of study. Some of Warsaw’s universities are located on the outskirts of the city, so it takes a lot of time to get there, which is not without significance with daily classes.

Visiting Warsaw – Where to Go and What to See

If you have a short vacation and want to take it somewhere in Europe, you should really consider visiting Warsaw. Warsaw is the capital of Poland, and is home to the most of the city’s famous monuments and buildings. One thing that is very important about this city is the history it has in store for visitors who come here, and the things to see in Warsaw are something to remember forever.

While Warsaw was one of the most interesting places to visit during World War II, it has a more modern history now, and the legacy of the military in the city is rather strong. The history of Poland has been intertwined with the history of Christianity for centuries, and to travel through this time in Polish history can give visitors a sense of pride and joy for what their country has become. It is not hard to see why the whole country would be proud to be the second largest Christian nation in the world.

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