DTF transfer as a way to develop your printing business

DTF transfer, i.e. direct to film transfer, is a perfect solution for decorating textiles. The technology is easy in terms of preparation and application onto the garments. It also gives amazing final results in the form o high-quality prints.

What is a DTF trensfer?

DTF printing is a technology relying on printing designs on a special film and transfering them onto fabric or other types of textiles.

DTF and other printing technologies

DTF transfer gained popularity last year when the global economy slowed down due to the pandemic. Many companies started to look for alternative solutions for developing their business offer or complementing it with new ideas. DTF transfer turned out to be an attractive option to consider. It has many advantages over other textile printing techniques. Digital technologies such as sublimation, DTG or toner transfers used interchangeably or together with analog technolgies such as screen printing or thermal transfer foils allow to decorate millions of textiles each year. It might have seem that there was no place for yet another player. However, the lack of one universal technology made room for DTF transfer, which is now revolutionizing the textile decoration sector.

What are the advantages of making DTF transfers?

DTF technology is a technology overcoming many liminations of the techniques we mentioned above. It allows you to prepare prints in full colors that do not need to be cut and peeled. In this way we eliminate time-consuming and costly prepration. Printouts are available right away. The most important advantage though is that they are digitally prepared, which in turn allows production in small numbers, even individuals graphics. DTF transfer is an innovative technology and can be used for the production of various types of textiles, i.e. on cotton, polyester and mixes. The properties of the glue which is sprinkled on the prints in order to fix them, make them flexible and highly resistant to washing. All these advantages contribute to the growing popularity of DTF transfer.