individual psychotherapy

Individual psychotherapy – where in Warsaw?

Individual psychotherapy may turn out to be an effective form of getting support and help if we suffer from different illnesses or we are in some kind of crisis situations. It involves taking part in a series od meetings with a specialist such as a psychotherapist. Thanks to his or her competence it is possible to discuss and analyse the clients’ experiences and events. As a result, they gain a greater self-awareness. It is a good staring point to work on making positive changes to their lives.

What are the benefits of individual psychotherapy?

Individual psychotherapy allows the therapist to entirely focus on the client, their problems and needs. It is also easier to build mutual trust and bond with the therapist. In a friendly atmosphere opening and honest discussion about what bothers us becomes much easier for many people. It may be more difficult in a group when we may feel ashamed to talk about our problems openly. Most often we decide to take part in an individual therapy  whe we start to see out situation as hopeless. When it becomes clear that we cannot deal with our problems on our own, it is worth seeking professional help. Anger, sadness, anxiety are common problems we go to the therapist with. The analysis of our way of thinking, the patterns we follow often stemming from our childchood, will be helpful in understanding ourselves. It should also help us start working on shaping correct behaviour. As a result, the comfort of our lives and the level of happiness we feel should significantly improve.

Centrum Nowa in Warsaw is a facility which offers not only individual psychotherapy. You will also find there therapy for couples, family and online therapy. They also run social skills training for children and adolescnets.